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Aug. 25th, 2010

Does anyone need any wholesale Japanese toys?  I can only come up with $36.00 worth of stuff I want and the minimum is $50 (plus ridiculous shipping).  I'll probably end up getting a random figure from I series I don't care about, but if anyone wants anything we could do an "I order and send it to you, you Paypal me the money" kinda thing.  IDK.  Let me know!

*can't believe she's going through all this to try to get two little figures*

In which I complain about toys

WAAAAAANT!  Although Tatsuya looks more like Kazuya...  It's so tough to find toys for Touch, and the place I saw these is a wholesaler, so you have to by a minimum of $50 of product AND a whole tray of 12 boxes of this 7 toy gashapon line with 5 figures IDGAF about AND I might not even get the two I want.  Did I also mention that they wholesale for less than $6 a tray, so I'd have to find $45 worth of other crap just to get these.  Sigh.

I bought a figure on eBay, and there's another one I want, but it's pricey and possibly a bootleg.  I've been looking online for other stuff and found some cute little ones, but I'm not sure I want to drop the money right now.  Meh.

Getting ready to leave tomorrow!  I'm SO happy, I need this vacation so bad!  I'm gonna be a wreck until I find out what happens at the deadline (probably not until Sunday), but the cottage has satellite so I might be able to nab a signal for NESN, or at least the Saturday game on Fox (ugh). 

Any internet acces I get will be sporadic and brief, so I'll "talk" to you all on the 9th at the latest.  Bye, guys!

Ugh, I HATE the trade deadline.  Especially this year since Lowrie is probably huge trade bait, nobody wants Mike Lowell, and the Yankees may be pursuing Joakim Soria, who I've been wanting to see on the Sox for a quite while now.  I can't wait to go on vacation, but I won't be able to keep tabs on deadline day, which is going to be nervewracking.

I finally made jam again on Saturday.  Three of the jars didn't seal (old, unused lids that warped), but my family took those jars, so if they're used right away it should be fine.  I had some with peanut butter this morning and it was really good!  Next time I want to try something different, probably raspberry or maybe blackberry.

We are now in posession of my grandmother's old, crabby, obese cat who hates everyone but my mother.  I feel bad for her having to adjust to a new home and stuff, but I will still be terrified to walk down the hall tonight.

Oh, I was so thrilled to see Jed Lowrie in the game yesterday!  Kid looks great, and I'm glad he's back!

I'm going on vacation starting the end of next week, and I'm just counting down the days.  It'll be good to finally get away from here for a while.  Not really anything of substance to say.  I'm disappointed but not surprised that onemanga.com is pretty much closing up shop.  I guess this means I have to switch to mangafox.com, which sucks and always gives me viruses.  Of course, if I had more "normal" tastes in manga I wouldn't be in this problem, but whatever.

And I kinda want to try a Candwich.

I'm late to the party, I'm sure, but I just found out about something very important:

Vegan marshmallows.  Hell.  Yeah.

Found out about them today in a magazine and I must buy some (even though they're crazy-expensive)!  It's been at least seven years since I've had a s'more or chiffon pie or Rice Krispie treats or hot cocoa with little bitty marshmallows, and for two years I've been tortured almost daily with the sugary smell of food-I-can't-have.  I hope they taste good because if they do I have options!

I love all the articles we're getting now that Cashie's our starting catcher with random quotes from him and whole random articles about him.  Today my mom clipped one out for me today that should have been titled "Kevin Cash makes Randy Johnson shit his pants in terror", and one the other day that was pretty much Cash comparing and contrasting the Red Sox and Yankees.  And one in the Globe on Saturday that made sure to mention that he's friends with Dustin Pedroia which made me vigorously nod my head in agreement while reading.

I still haven't recovered fully from Friday's game, but my mom (who had surgery that morning) told me that she would have been disappointed in me if I didn't go and that if she died she still would've wanted me to go.  I'm so glad nothing happened to he because if it did I wouldn't have gone and she'd be haunting my ass right now.  So everything worked out just fine.

I'm so happy!  I've been looking at my baseball100 table I printed our a couple seasons ago and hoping this will get something going.  Will it?  Probably not, but I do have ideas!


Ticket to Red Sox Game: $95.00
Convenience fee: $4.25
Processing fee: $7.00
Subway fare to and from game: $3.70
Red Sox Magazine: $5.00
Mechanical pencil: $3.00
Slice of pizza (cheese): $4.75
Large iced hazelnut with cream and sugar: $5.75
Money left over from this week's paycheck: -$4.68
Welcoming your favourite player back to Boston in the only way you can think of that doesn't end with a restraining order: PRICELESS.

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Jul. 2nd, 2010

I think you all know what this is about.  :D  Looking for tix for tonight's game!

EDIT: Bye bye, paycheck!


Jun. 23rd, 2010


Bicycle rickshaws do rock, however.  I think I like the autorickshaws better, though.